Today’s a tough day to be inside my brain. The sun looks like liquid gold but it feels like yellow. It’s hot and oppressive and viscous. I thought it would settle my nerves, make me sleepily and sweetly drift through the day but I feel stuck to myself and stuck to the ground as a scarecrow and so so heavy. Everything feels heavy, like my own self is too much to carry and I’m simply going through the motions of the day, bored and lonely and fuzzy-eyed. My lungs feel like overstuffed knapsacks. My guts feel like tangled headphones trying so hard to hug themselves that they become unrecognizable in the bottom of the glove compartment, so full of noise and gravity that they cannot transmit any sound. It seems if I try too hard to pull them apart to do what they are tasked to do, they will jump ship altogether, their casing torn and inner wiring severed.

It is a tough day to be inside my brain.

"Ever since I was a kid
On the backs of my two eyelids
I hid two teleprompters there
Transmitting words from who knows where
A walkie-talkie on a mission,
Roger, Roger, will I listen?
Or will I just pass it along
In the form of a singalong?
When muse annoys, devoid and null
I feel a tingle in my skull
A ticker-tick, the words appear
There’s a parade between my ears
I preach self-love, I know it’s true,
It’s easier to say than do
I sing these messages to you
But now I need to hear them too
I am beautiful, I am powerful
I am strong, and I am lovable
I am beautiful, I am powerful
I am strong, and I am lovable”

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Title: Roslyn Artist: Bon Iver & St. Vincent 193,959 plays

Aren’t we just terrified?

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Title: Til' The End (C.A.L.I) Artist: Inverse Feat. Cunninlynguists & Trek Life 89 plays


so high that i touch the sky
gonna put my faith in you
til the day that i say goodbye
aint never gonna say goodbye
want to my faith in you
til the day that i die and touch the sky”

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Title: I Don't Mind Artist: Defeater 98,601 plays

Defeater - I Don’t Mind

And I don’t mind if we take our time, ‘cause I’m all your’s if you’re all mine.

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Title: Don't Call Me At All Artist: Flatsound 12,675 plays


"It’s not that I don’t have words to say 
I just don’t want to be the one that speaks them 
I’d rather keep it secret until we reach it 
So I’ll rest my head on the glory of this sorrow 
I know it’s hard to swallow, but tomorrow 
We’ll start new 

And I remember the lines I thought that I’d forgotten 
'Your only flaw is that you’re flawless'
I’m so full of shit, I’m surprised you bought it 
But to say that I don’t care is more or less astounding 
Because I wrote an entire album about us drowning 
Wasn’t that enough? 

Now I’m haunted by all these holes found in my armor 
And if my heart beats any harder, I will lose it 
Well congratulations, I didn’t know 
You two had made things so official 
Just don’t call me when it fizzles 
In fact, don’t call me at all”

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Title: Broadripple Is Burning Artist: Margot & the Nuclear So and So's 45,589 plays

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Title: Clumsy Artist: Waxahatchee 37,273 plays

Waxahatchee | Clumsy 

I know I’ve fucked up. I’ve put people through hell
Well, I guess I just don’t know myself that well
He forgives, forgets and he thinks that I’m uptight,
and I’m learning about loneliness each night 

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Title: pull my hair Artist: Bright Eyes 7,859 plays


If you pull on my hair, and bite me like that

And the truth is that I can’t hardly wait

And I don’t care if we stay up too late

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Don’t tell me you ain’t the droid that held the match to the charcoals
Don’t tell me Lucifer and God don’t carpool

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It’s grown more since the last time I took this picture 💘

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Title: Hard to Find Artist: The National 407 plays


I’m not holding out for you
I’m still watching for the signs
If I tried you’d probably be
Hard to find


"You are still completely remarkable to me."

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It’s August 1st.
A new addition to the list
of things I am saying to my therapist
instead of to whom
it may concern:

It’s been 28 weeks and 5 days. I’m on the green line again. It’s running fine, unlike what I remember. Some things, however, are running just the same. You are still running away. I am still missing people I’m not supposed to miss.


(-Hannah B)
((I wrote this so don’t steal it even though you probably wouldn’t want to anyway))


sometimes when you’re alone u have to make yourself feel better

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